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Learn How To Latin Dance In The Comfort And Privacy Of Your Own Home (Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Cumbia Lessons)


Whether You're A Complete Beginner With No Dance Experience, And 2 Left Feet Looking To Learn From Scratch... Or, You're A More Experienced Dancer Looking To Learn More Moves, And Improve Your Dancing Skills... You Will Find An Online Dance Dance Program Here That Will Fit Your Needs!

Latin dance pose in living room

Salsa - Beginner & Intermediate Dancers

Salsa is the most popular of all the Latin dance styles, which means that whenever you go out to a Latin party, you will need to know how to dance this rhythm! 

This program starts slowly with the basics, so it's perfect for anyone with 2 left feet, and then it progresses to 15 turns and twirls, that get fancier, as you get better!

Who's this for? Beginner dancers with 0 dance experience, and people who already know how to dance a little, but want to learn more turns and technique!

Dancing Pose Tango

Bachata - Beginner & Intermediate Dancers

Bachata is a SENSUAL dance style from the Dominican Republic, and it's the SEXIEST of all the Latin dance styles. If you want to get cozy with your partner, this is the style to learn!

Starting from 0, you will start learning the basics for bachata. 14 dance moves are included. Bachata is an easier dance than salsa, so within a few nights of practicing, you'll be able to step out on the dance floor, and dance bachata with confidence!

Who's this for? Complete beginners, and people who already know how to dance a little, but want to learn more turns and technique!

Dancing at party

Merengue - Beginner & Intermediate Dancers

Here's another dance style from the Dominican Republic, and it's the EASIEST of all the Latin dance styles! Merengue is super fun and, if you're a beginner, you'll be able to pick it up REALLY FAST!

We start with the basics, and then progress to 13 different dance moves. If you already know how to dance merengue, I guarantee you that there are moves here that you don't know!

Who's this for? Beginner dancers with 0 dance experience, or people who already know how to dance a little, but want to learn more turns and technique!

Hervin and Oana dancing on the beach

Cumbia - Beginners

Cumbia is a partner dance really popular among the Mexican and Central American countries. It has a mixture of simple but FUN footwork and turn patterns! If you go to quinceañeras, you need to learn some cumbia steps! :D 

11 dance moves included in this program. Starts with the very basics.

Who's this for? Beginner dancers with 0 dance experience, and people who already know how to dance a little cumbia, but want to learn more turns.

Hervin and Oana dancing on the boardwalk

Salsa Lessons Online - Advanced

If you want to take your dancing a few levels up, then this is the dance program to get, but be warned that this is for advanced students only. Here we cover advanced salsa dance patterns for NY style salsa on 2. It's HARD, so make sure you have been dancing for at least 3 to 6 months before you attempt this program!

12 advanced salsa dance patterns are included in this program... (it gets fancy! lol)

Who's this for? People who already have plenty of dance experience who want to take their dancing to the next levels. If you're not sure whether this is for you... it's probably not.

Salsa dance party

How To Look Like A Natural When Latin Dancing

This is a 1 hour body movement workshop where you're going to learn how to add fluidity to your dancing. If you feel robotic or stiff when dancing, this is the perfect solution!

We're going to cover exercises that are going to teach you how to move your hips when dancing so that you can look smooth out on the dance floor!

Who's this for? Dancers who feel stiff, rigid, or robotic when dancing. If you want to learn how to loosen up, and learn how to move your body when dancing!

teaching salsa dancing at the studio

Private Dance Lessons Over Zoom

Want to get personalized feedback tailored to your needs? Private lessons are the fastest way to make progress with your dance skills! You can pick any dance style that you want to learn, and you can switch it up from lesson to lesson.

You will have access to 2 instructors in every private lessons (1 male and 1 female) so that you can follow along with your own partner (or without a partner as well). 

Who's this for? Anyone who wants to make fast progress with their Latin dancing!

Live Dance Lessons (Group Classes)

This are beginner live dance classes every Friday evening! We pick a different dance style every week. You will be part of the online community of dancers! (a partner is required).

You also get access to ALL the replays of all the classes in case you can't make it to the live stream, or maybe you want to get extra practice. 

Who's this for? Beginners who want to get access to get live feedback from the instructors, as well as be part of an online community!

Teaching salsa group class

Corporate Events - Live Classes Online

If you're throwing an event and are looking for a fun activity to do for your employees, or prospects, this would be perfect. We can do 1 time events as well as recurring events. This is perfect activity for team building remotely.

This is something fun and out of the box, that your employees will love!

Who's this for? Corporations, organizations, companies that want to provide fun entertainment for their employees, or prospects!

Hervin and Oana

Hi! Welcome to Latin Dancing Online.

We’re the founders Hervin and Oana. We used to teach salsa and bachata dance lessons in person at our dance studio in Ft Lauderdale, but recently given the current times, we decided to switch up all of our dance classes online.

So if you're looking to learn or improve your dance moves, then check out one of our online dance programs above!

Sandra Tamayo

"We enjoyed a few date nights going through this program! My husband didn't know how to dance, but we were able to pick up a few moves, and really enjoyed it!"

Sandra Tamayo - CA

Adam Brake

"My wife and I have been searching on YouTube trying to find some good dance classes... We didn't come across anything worthwhile. Then we found this..."

- Adam Brake - AZ


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