2014 Latin Dance Movement

Latin Dance Movement 2014

Latin Dance Movement 2014

Ever since I started dancing it felt like I was doing the right thing with my life. Since day 1 that I took my first salsa lesson, I completely fell in love with the dance, and I haven’t stopped dancing since. 3 years ago, I was entertaining the idea of choosing dance as my path in life. Becoming a Latin dance instructor and performer.

Although it took a whole year to build up the courage, setting aside many limiting beliefs, and finally saying to myself “I’m ready.” Last year I finally decided to do something about my dream of being a dancer, and dance instructor. Looking back at it now it almost feels like everything just happened on its own. It’s been the most fulfilling journey I’ve been on, and I owe it all to my friends who have supported LDM, and our students!

Happy New Year to the LDM family!! Let’s keep on growing together as dancers, and friends!

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