About us

Latin Dance Movement!
LDM Pose. Performing Juana Bayona at Al liquid Silver’s salsa summer bash in Miami

We are Latin Dance Movement (LDM) our mission is spread the love and passion for Latin Dance (Salsa, Mambo, Cha Cha). We are dedicated to the art of self-expression through movement. We want to provide dance instruction and a dance philosophy that allows students to grow as dancers and artists. We believe in continuous growth and development and pushing ourselves (instructors and students) to be the best dancers, artists and people we can be. 



Hervin Alvarez (Founder of Latin Dance Movement):

Since a young age, latin dance fascinated me. But despite growing up in a latin culture which valued dance, like many people, I didn’t think I had the skills of natural ability to learn how to dance. It wasn’t until I was 17 that I finally had the courage to dive in and take my first lessons in salsa and feel in love with it immediately. After learning the basics, I understood why so many in my culture loved the dance – it’s an important form of bonding, celebrating, and expressing oneself. The ability to share a dance with someone and connect on deep level through movement and music kept me coming back and watching the best dancers in the studio inspired me to keep on learning and growing. As my dancing improved, my posture, confidence and communication style changed completely. I became a dance instructor and a performer not only because I am passionate about dance, but I hope to both inspire people to dance and ultimately to follow their passions.