Art and Dance

Performing at OSC

Performing at the Orlando Salsa CongressPerforming at the OSC!

There might be many reasons why we are learning/practicing dance. We dance because it is fun; we dance because we can do it socially and meet people; we dance in order to get a good workout and maintain our physical health; or maybe a little bit deeper than that, we dance because it is our meditative practice; we dance because it is our art and our avenue for self-expression. Maybe we do it because of some or all those reasons.

I started dancing because being Latin it was something that I felt that I needed to know how to do. After having taken my first lesson, I saw that dance is something that you can share with someone (especially salsa dancing). The love for the music, the fact that you can connect with someone without words was something I found very appealing. Dancing allowed me to be social and meet new people (Through salsa dancing I met a lot of my close friends today). Constant improvement and challenge is another aspect of the dance that intrigued me. Practicing to get better and constantly improving is something I am constantly trying to achieve, in and out of dance.

A few years in and I am way more passionate about dance than ever before. Dancing is something that I am constantly thinking about; it is almost meditative and spiritual… It is my art! The same way some people love to paint, play music or do martial arts because of the self-expression qualities that those arts have, that is the same way I feel about dancing. I love to get on stage and perform my work, what I spent hours each day working on, and practicing for. To me it feels like you are on a podium, the spotlight is on you and everyone is listening and wanting to hear what you’ve got to say, which is ultimately you. Who are you? They want to know. I love when through your art you are able to touch, and change people’s lives, INSPIRE them! When you show what you are passionate about, genuine work that inspires you, that moves people. Art is about sharing it.