Breaking Through Plateaus

Me 4-5 months of salsa lessons
Social Dancing at the Born To Salsa Social
Me dancing at 4-5 months of practice!

At the beginning it’s easy to see fast progress. Even if you are a slow learner, you will still make relatively fast progress at the beginning. Once you have been dancing for some time (weeks, months, years) you will experience progress starts to slow down. That’s normal with any activity you do in life, it is all a learning curve. There are ups downs and plateaus; they will always be there because they are part of the learning process. So, if you are stuck in a plateau and it feels like you are not making any progress, relax and realize that this is normal and everyone goes through them. If you want to be a better dancer, you have to STICK TO IT. Here are some tips that will help you break through plateaus.

Small breaks help with understanding. Often times you are trying hard to learn something, and even though you keep on trying, you still are not getting anywhere. When this happens, take a step back and give it a rest. Focus on another area and leave what you were trying to learn alone.  You will find that after giving it some time to simmer in, and also with a fresh mind, you will be able to perform what you were previously struggling with (or at least be a lot better at it, and little by little you will start getting it).

Proper training (practice) is a crucial for breaking through plateaus. The old adage practice makes perfect is only half true. Proper practice is how you will improve; anything else will not yield you the right results, or any results at all.  With the right training, it is just a matter of time before you are able to achieve improvement. This applies to everything!

Watch better dancers dance! If you go social dancing, take time to watch other dancers. You will probably be able to pick up certain things, steps, and patterns that they do and do them yourself. It is also very inspiring to see great dancers because they are a representation of what is possible through dedication and practice. If you don’t go social dancing often, there are plenty of Salsa and Bachata videos online that you can watch for free. This is a resource I’ve used a lot in order to improve my own dancing.

PRIVATE LESSONS!!! This is huge when you are stuck in a plateau. Who better to help you achieve a break through than the dance instructor? He will be help you identify why you are stuck, he will also guide you with the right training, and he will help break things down so that they are easier to grasp. Private lessons are the fastest way to learn because they are tailored to the student needs and go at the student’s pace.

Remember – right training, time and patience are the KEY!

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