Don’t get frustrated. Words of Encouragement for Salsa Dancers

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You have been showing up to a few dance classes now and it seems that you are going nowhere. You feel frustrated because the dance steps are not coming out, you’re confused about the steps, or you feel lost in class. Sometimes you feel that coming to class is useless because you’re never going to learn, or you’re “hopeless.” Those feelings and thoughts are all natural, and they are SUPPOSED to happen. In life you are not going to be great at anything the first times you do it, everything has a learning curve. No one ever shows up to a dance class without a clue of how to dance, doesn’t struggle at all, and all of the sudden starts kicking ass within a couple of lessons. That’s just not how it works, in any area in life.

I have not taught a single person who did not make mistakes or struggled with learning the dance. It is all part of the learning cycle to go through those struggles, even when you do get better, you will still have a hard time learning harder dance moves. Everyone I have met that is a great dancer, has definitely put LOTS of time and effort into it. Yes there is natural talent, but the people who become great dancers have definitely taken time to learn the steps and practice them.

All that matters is that every time you show up to class, you learn something. Even if you only grasped 23% of the class and learned something new, that still makes you a better dancer than before coming to the class. Dancing is supposed to be fun, and learning is supposed to be challenging. There is no point of going to class to feel frustrated because you are not able to do a particular move yet. Relax and enjoy learning something new, and if you don’t get it today, you will get it tomorrow (eventually, and with enough practice).

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  1. Still trying to get the hang of it. Over 30 lessons, 10 privates, and I still have no idea what I’m doing.

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