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Want to meet new people, and be part of a friendly and welcoming environment? Come join us... We have salsa classes every week!

 - You don't need any experience

 - You don't need to bring a partner (couples, of course, are welcome).

 - We can teach you even if you have 2 left feet.

 - Intermediate and advanced classes also available!


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LDM Schedule

Class Description

Salsa Group Class


Everybody starts here (it doesn’t matter if you’re Cuban, Venezuelan or Colombian, if you love rice and beans…or if  salsa ‘runs through your blood’).

The purpose of this class is to teach you the foundations of salsa dancing. Starting with a short warm up consisting of variations of the basic step, we will go cover understanding rhythm and the count of music, the principles of leading and following (so you don’t step on anyone’s feet), and the beginner turn patterns which are extremely important for building your dance repertoire.

Salsa Hammer Lock


The aim of this class is to build up your arsenal of dance moves. For the ‘followers’, you are going to learn multiple turns, basic styling (because we want you to look pretty when you dance), and how to remain connected to your leader (…and actually LET him lead).

For the leaders – it is your responsibility to make this dance happen…In this class we will teach you intricate turn patterns, more complex principles of leading and the basics of improvisation (…so girls actually want to dance with you).

In this class, you are required to have a solid understanding of rhythm and timing, as well as the basic repertoire of beginner turn patterns.

Meet new friends dancing

ADVANCED (Salsa Ninjas only)

You’ve stuck through! You’ve been practicing! You have a good repertoire and you’re looking for a good challenge.

This class is a continuous learning process and by no means does it signify that you are at the end of your journey – this is actually where the FUN begins! In this fast paced class, we will go over creative experimental turn patterns, multiple spins and learn to refine the most subtle principles of leading and following. With a heavy focus on improvisation/free-styling, you will learn detailed techniques to give you the confidence to get out there on the dance floor (good job soldier).

A deep grasp of rhythm, timing, leading and following as well as basic improvisation skills are required to participate in this class.

Latin Dance Movement
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