Founder, Choreographer, Instructor and Dancer


Hervin discovered his love for dance when he was 17 years old (some may say that this was ‘a bit late’ for a dancing career, but frankly, he did not even know that he would pursue this until later on into his college years). In the earlier days, as a shy kid with no dance background (except for the home-learned salsa steps that his grandmother thought him), Hervin had given up on attempting to dance after losing a dance competition during a birthday party, to his younger brother. After receiving his degree from Florida International University (which clearly did not have anything to do with his dance), Hervin decided to take a dive into the dance world, despite the common expectation to pursue a nine-to-five job.

Inspired by various teachers, Hervin was in the process of finding his voice. Sorting through thousands of hours of YouTube videos (you could definitely call him YouTube Certified), Hervin self-studied and took Mambo (Salsa) lessons while following his at-that-time inspiration Nery Garcia and Oliver Pineda. While learning the various rhythms of latin dance, Hervin learned Salsa on 1 and on 2, Bachata, Cha Cha Cha, making Salsa on 2 ultimately his favorite style to represent. However, Hervin was still not fulfilled with his growth as a dancer – something was missing.

Philosophy & Dance

During his online research, he stumbled upon Frankie Martinez, one of the most innovative and renowned Latin contemporary dancers and choreographers of his generation and leader of the Afro-Latin-Funk Movement, who later became Hervin’s mentor. After seeing Frankie perform live, Hervin was mesmerized by his fluidity, connection to music and disciplined training methodology (the high focus on exercises, the use of body movement, relaxation and spinning techniques), which gave the typical Salsa dance a twist. Subsequently, Hervin traveled to New York City on multiple occasions to study with Frankie and continues to do so, as he knows that his journey as a student will never end. The consistent, daily practice of dance allowed Hervin to perfect his technique and to incorporate many of the principles learnt or self-discovered into his own teachings to his students.

Teaching Style

Approaching 5 years of teaching (and 9 years of experience), Hervin’s teaching methodology is very logical, with attention to the detail and technical nuances of dancing to ensure his students improve and progress consistently. Breaking everything down in little formulas (learnt and self-thought after so much trial and error), Hervin developed a unique patience and ability to explain and break things down for every type of soul (‘natural’ or ‘not much of a natural’ in terms of dancing, individual to groups, children and hard case NEWbies). Hervin’s goals are to get his students comfortable on the dance floor, move past their dancing fears and deliver an experience during his lessons that is fun and light-hearted (because we want you to leave our class happy and fulfilled).

Dance is a daily practice of self mastery  – of patience, kindness to oneself you have to face challenges and step out of your comfort zone. learn patience, has work and dedication, learn to deal with pain, frustration; overcome the days you feel bored and uninspired .  creating and putting it out there is scary, because of the unique style and preferences as it does resonate with many ppl and die inspiration and motivation from within.