How to Improve

Before and After!
Before After Dance
This is a couple of months of having taking salsa lessons, and to the right is me performing at the Orlando Salsa Congress

Getting better is not about talent. As an individual, you can always improve aspects of your dance. Progressing, and becoming proficient at any skill is all about PATIENCE. You have to endure the process, and what is most important is that you don’t get frustrated because you haven’t gotten it YET.

Learning, improving, and perfecting a skill is all about time. It is impossible to rush the process. It happens that you have been practicing to do something (a technical aspect that you don’t have a grasp of) for a while and it still not happening. This happens to everyone! The fact that you are not getting it (the skills your trying to improve in) does not mean that you are worthless and you are a lousy dancer, and it also does not mean that you have no talent, all it means is that you have not gotten it YET! (Refer to Learning Plateaus).

As people we set expectations for ourselves when we are learning or trying to improve at something. We think that if we do not learn a skill by a certain amount of time that it is never going to happen for us, and we start to feel that we are incapable of learning it, or that we are not meant to dance (or play tennis, play the piano, learn geography, whatever).

Practicing should be done without any expectations. Practice is the study of that which you do not know or you have not mastered yet. Therefore, practice is always going to be a hard time, and awkward because you are doing something that you are not comfortable with at that moment. Practice is a routine that should be done like brushing your teeth: even if you did an excellent job at brushing your teeth in the morning, you will still have to brush them again later. Practice is always going to be there, and it is never going to be easy. The good news is that provided you are doing the right practice, and given enough time you are always going to improve!