Hygiene Advice for Salseros and Bachateros

Salsa dancing at The Well
Salsa Dancing at the Well in Miami Beach
Social Dancing in Miami Beach!

Dancing is very intimate (you are pretty much hugging someone for 4 minutes). When you are social dancing, when you are in salsa class or especially in bachata class it is IMPORTANT to maintain a certain degree of hygiene. Not only is hygiene good for personal confidence because you are clean and you smell good, but it is also out of courtesy for the other human beings who are in the club, social, or class with you.

You are in close quarters with someone… It is really unpleasant to dance with someone who is drenched in sweat, someone who has a strong B.O., or any of the other hygiene misconducts. In order to avoid that make sure that you shower, brush your teeth (use tongue scrappers for extra help with bad breath), and wear clean clothes before going out dancing. If you are going social dancing it is advisable that you bring extra clothes, and maybe even a towel for backup in case you start sweating profusely. Also, MINTS really help!! Avoid eating garlic or onions right before dancing. DEODORANT is IMPERATIVE (Don’t do without).

Follow these tips and help save lives. If you know someone who needs this help but you feel embarrassed to tell him or her upfront, share this blog with them! If someone shared this with you, don’t take it personally, and follow the advice presented. Also, thank that person; he/she did you (and the people you surround your self with) a huge favor.