Improve your Confidence, Take Salsa Classes

Salsa Pose at the Beach!
Salsa Pose at the Beach!
Salsa posing at the beach!

Salsa classes are a sure way to meet new people.  If you feel intimidated going to a studio because you think you have no rhythm, or because you feel you are hopeless… don’t be. Beginner classes are exactly that, classes for beginners. Most likely, people who attend these classes do not know any steps, so don’t feel like you are going to go into a class where everyone is going to be amazing and you are going to be completely lost and ridiculed.

In class you are going to have opportunities to talk to many different people. It is a great place to develop your social skills while learning how to dance. Also, you will most definitely be pushed out of your comfort zone, but you are going to have lots of fun doing it.

Taking Salsa group classes is a great social outlet to make new friends and be social. Before I started taking Salsa Lessons, I used to be really shy. The act of dancing itself was far out of my comfort zone and the idea of becoming a dancer one day was unthinkable. I had to convince myself over a period of a month before I decided to take my first lesson because I was scared of getting out of my comfort zone. Coming from a Latin background, I was ashamed that I didn’t have rhythm and did not know how to dance.

The moment came when I went to my first salsa class, and it was a surprise. I loved it! The beginners 1 class was full and it was really fun. I got to learn something new, and at the end of the class I met around 5 people. From there on I kept coming back to the studio, and started taking classes regularly. I became addicted to it.

Since I took my first class, my life has completely changed. I have been exposed to a lot people; when Latin music comes up at a party, I am able to dance it, I have developed a close group of friends through dance, I have choreographed my own dance routines and performed them on stage in front of hundreds of people, and overall, I feel more confident about myself and my relationships.