Why Latin Dance Movement?

Afro Caribbean Body Isolations Class
Body Isolations Class
The Afro Caribbean Body Isolations is the best class to take to learn body movement in Salsa.

I started dancing salsa just like everyone else because it’s a really fun hobby that you can share with lots of people.  Progressively though, salsa dancing became more than that for me. Learning new turns, learning new steps, new footwork I became intrigued of what was possible with the dance. Constantly seeking improvement, it became something more than just going out and partying. One can only party for so long before it starts losing its appeal.

Now I’m committed to training and improving. Some people chose to do yoga, some people paint, others do martial arts. I dance. And I love Latin dancing. I want to have a place and be around people who feel just as passionate, and want to improve just as much as I want to improve in salsa dancing. This is my art and I want to share it!

Salsa in its dance form is very young.  We want to explore the possibilities of salsa dancing and it’s roots. Our goal is to take this dance to another level in order to get it recognized as a serious art form, and not just as a social activity for entertainment.

The goal of Latin Dance Movement is to provide a place of GROWTH, a place of INSPIRATION, a place to dedicate our time to our ART, and do what we LOVE!