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Salsa Clubs to go Social Dancing in Miami and Broward


Salsa Clubs to go Social Dancing in Miami and Broward

Welcome to the Miami and Broward salsa dancing nightlife. Whether you’re new in town or here for vacations and are looking for a place to dance; you’re a salsa student and looking to see where to practice your new skills; or you are just someone that it’s looking to try something new and exciting here are some of the venues and days that you can find salsa dancing here in South Florida!

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No one dances salsa Monday nights here in South Florida. Sorry!


Venue: Hollywood Live Nightclub

Address: 2333 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood

Cover: $10

Classes: Salsa 8pm


What do I think about this place? This place usually brings a good crowd of dancers. This place will, almost guaranteed, satisfy your dance itch if you’re looking for a place to dance on a Tuesday. The venue is not the most renovated looking place, but the people in it definitely make it worthwhile going. People usually get here around 11pm, and they stay late!


Venue: Leona’s Palace

Address: 2029 Harrison St, Hollywood, FL 33020

Cover: $7

Promoter: Nelson Fritz

Classes: Free Salsa class 9pm

Promotion: Girls free before 10:15 pm

What do I think about this place? Completely renovated venue, and it looks awesome! It usually brings in a good crowd. The beginner dance class at the beginning of the party is not so great, as the venue is not a dance studio and people are not focused. Great place to dance on a Thursday. I recommend getting there around 10:30pm before it gets crowded so you’ll have space to dance in!


1st Friday of the Month

Venue: Funk and Flow Studio

1215 NE 17th Ct, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305

407 844 4256

$10 cover. Free 30 minute lesson before party starts.


What do I think about this place? This is a great place to go if you’re a beginner. Very relaxed atmosphere. The class at the beginning is great, and very informative. Everyone here is really welcoming and friendly. Everyone that comes here is a beginner so you can feel free to practice your dance moves with everyone. The music is great! Must go to if you’re starting your salsa journey out!


Venue: Frankey’s Bar

Address: 1720, 900 Silks Run, Hallandale Beach, FL 33009

Cover: FREE

Promoter: Jorge Charun

Classes: Free bachata class 9pm

What do I think about this place? I love this venue! It has a really good atmosphere. The class at the beginning of the party is free and it gets a lot of people, so it is a good ice breaker if you don’t know anyone there. The music is 50% salsa and 50% bachata (sometimes maybe more bachata than salsa). I would definitely recommend this venue any Friday night. the venue is an upscale sports bar so you can have drinks in between your dance sessions. Fun place!


Days: 2nd and 4th Saturday of the Month

Social Name: Born To Salsa Social

Venue: Club Tropical

Address: 211 SE 1st Ave, Hallandale Beach

Cover: $13

Promoter: Frank Fuentes


What do I think about this place? The BEST place to go salsa dancing! Definitely catch this party if you have a chance. It is a big ballroom that looks like it has been decorated for a quinceanera (sweet sixteen), but never mind that because the dancers in there are phenomenal. All the best salsa dancers from all over Florida come out to dance salsa at this party. Here is where you’ll continuously catch the best dancers. Everyone brings their own flavor here to show off at the dance floor. It looks like something out of an underground salsa movie. The music is great, this place is a salsa must!

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