Salsa Dancing to Meet People

Salsa Group Picture


Dancing is a great way to socialize. Salsa classes and social dancing is an easy way to meet new friends and build a new social circle. It is easy to meet people while dancing because you already share something in common with that person; you either want to learn how to dance, or you are passionate about dancing. In class, you are forced to dance with a new person every time the instructor rotates partners.

Dancing is a great way to network as well. The dance community is a tightly knitted community of people in all areas of expertise. Social Dance events range from small events of 20-30 people to bigger events of 150-200 people. There is easy access to a diverse community whether you are looking to meet friends, do business, or looking for a potential partner.

People show up to class to learn how to dance. What better icebreaker is there? When you frequently attend lessons, you develop a bond with the other students in the class to the extent that they become a second family. Also, the better dancer you become, the more people are going to want to dance with you, and thus you will get a chance to meet more people.

Dancing breaks all language barriers. I have met, danced, taught, and befriended people that do not speak English or Spanish (The two languages that I speak) through the dance. Being passionate about something is an experience you get to share with someone, even if they do not speak your language. Dancing is physical, so no words are needed. I have seen people that speak two different languages become a couple. They couldn’t even communicate more than a few thoughts at first, but they loved dancing with each other.

Because of dance, I have encountered and bonded with people that I would consider my closest friends. Through salsa dancing, I have met really special people that have changed my life.