Get Out of Your Comfort Zone!

Beginners Salsa Dance in Miami
Beginners Salsa Dance in Miami
Classes every week!

When I started dancing salsa I used to be really shy. Dancing was way outside of my comfort zone. I felt like I had no rhythm and thought I was pretty hopeless. Everyone in my father’s side of the family knew how to dance and I never learned. I felt completely embarrassed being Latin and not knowing what to do when a salsa song came up at a party, or family reunion.

After thinking about it for several months, I finally mustered up the courage to take my first lesson. I hesitantly went to a nearby studio the offered salsa lessons. Not knowing what to expect, I thought I was going to go into a room filled with professional people that looked like Patrick Swayze.

It turned out that it wasn’t as bad as I feared it was going to be. Actually, It was a friendly environment where everyone was super welcoming and nice. It was a great experience! I decided to go again, and in a very short time I was hooked. I started attending the classes regularly, and started meeting new people and making new friends.

Salsa taught me to be more open, feel better in social situations, and overall changed my life. Teaching dance and performing is now my passion. 10 years ago I would have never thought that dancing would be my career. It’s all about trying new things and expanding your comfort zone!

Come out and take a class!! :)