Salsa Socials in Miami on Saturdays

Salsa party!
LDM Salsa Social in North Miami Beach
Salsa Social Dancing in North Miami Beach

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A salsa social (aka a salsa party) is a place where people, who have most likely taken salsa lessons, get together to dance and practice their moves. Salsa music, usually bachata and Cha Cha music, is played all night long. The dress code is up to you. You can come dressed in jeans and a T-shirt, or you can wear something more formal. People in a social come to DANCE! This is where you get to see the best dancers in town. Everyone is hyped up about dancing and getting to dance with new people, as well as putting the moves that they learned in class to practice.

Once Upon a time,

I was really excited to go to my first salsa party. I had been taken around 1-2 weeks of salsa classes, and I wanted to practice what I was learning. I showed up to the social knowing no more than 6-7 moves, that when danced back to back they didn’t amount to 20 seconds of a song, but I was really excited. I get to the social, and from the outside it just looked like a regular warehouse, but when you walked in it was a HUGE dance floor, and a bar near the entrance. There were around 150 people dancing! Levels ranging from basic beginners, all the way up to advance, and then salsa masters.

At the beginning it was REALLY intimidating. How does it work? Do you just ask anyone to dance? Does everybody dance with everybody? I had never been anywhere like this. It took a while to let it all sink in, but luckily I spotted 3 girls that had taken the beginners class with me this past week, so I went up to them. I danced around 3 songs with each, with the same 6 moves being repeated like a broken record (Thankfully, they had a lot of patience and practiced with me).

I built-up some courage and asked around three other girls to dance, again, with the same moves. I QUICKLY learned a valuable lesson: If you don’t know many moves, dance with different girls. First, you’ll be able to master those couple of moves you know. Second and most important, If you dance with one girl a many songs and you only know a few moves, she’s eventually going to catch on that you have been repeating the same 7 moves in the last 3 songs! In retrospective, now I know why so many girls’ feet started hurting in the middle of the song (I was really naïve).

If you are a beginner to intermediate student, apart from private lessons, social dancing is the way to improve FAST! A great tip is to dance with everyone. You get to make new friends and also put your lead/follow to the test.