Social Dancing Sins (Part two)

Salsa Class!
Salsa Class!
Salsa Dancing Class in Miami

***If you have too many friends and decided that you need to make some enemies, then do this.

Guys who don’t look at their surroundings when dancing (Aka, salsa hurricanes)

This is the equivalent of when you go to the mall on a busy day, and your looking for a parking spot, and here is this car taking up TWO parking spots. Be mindful that you are dancing with a human being and not a bumper car. Don’t toss your partner without any consideration for those around you. I’ve danced next to MANY guys who throw their partner into other couples… Either you’re going to hurt someone, or you partner is going to get hurt.  Also, if you dance Rueda and that’s your thing, cool. Keep that rueda tight though. If you are dancing in a huge circle, taking over the whole damn dance floor in a crowded space, you’re just selfish. If you are a line (LA, NY) dancer that likes to show off, taking up a huge chunk of the dance floor, spinning the girl and dipping her without any being mindful of those around or your partner, you are a salsa tornado!! If you want to be seen, take up performing. Don’t be a salsa d-bag, and be aware of your surroundings.

Girls who spin with their elbows out, or style dangerously!

Not much to say here other than CALM that down, and raise your elbows! I’ve seen black eyes, and busted lips happen because of those elbows. Also, the arm that you throw out when styling, that’s a liability for the people who are dancing around you! I know you just watched/took a workshop with Diva Latina Styling Queen and you want to look cute and use your new moves, but use them with discretion! Be aware of your surroundings, those beautiful long nails, become weapons in the dance floor. I’ve gotten clawed in the dance floor by a foreign hand. Keep those hands to yourself! Again, if you want to be seen, join a ladies styling team… There are countless of those!

People who don’t make eye contact

Everyone has danced with someone like this. It is extremely off putting to dance with someone who is looking around to see who is watching them. Whenever I dance with someone like this, I get an urge to finish the dance early. What you are doing is giving away this snobbish vibe. Dance is supposed to be about connection, not some random movement with another person in order to attract attention. Leave your ego out the dance. This is one of the worst dances experiences you can have throughout the night. Even if the dance is boring, or the person is a beginner, still acknowledge them. Not making eye contact makes you seem selfish, untrustworthy, not fun to dance with at all (even if you’re THE best dancer), and it makes the other person feel bad.

More social dancing sins coming! Please share this article with people who need it. Yesterday I went dancing and I encountered ALL OF THIS!

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