Enjoy A Fun Date Night Learning How To Dance Together In The Comfort And Privacy Of Your Own Home, Even If You (Or Your Partner) Have 2 Left Feet...
  • Perfect for anyone with 2 left feet & no rhythm!
  • Learn 14 dance moves! (step-by-step tutorials)
  • Access the program ONLINE from your SMART TV, cellphone, and laptop...
  • Unlimited Replays - NO EXPIRATION date...
  • 30-Day money back guarantee.
Whether you're a complete beginner who gets lost during the turns and steps, OR you already know how to dance a little but want to learn more dance moves...

By the end of the program, you will learn 14 FUN dance moves, and feel COMFORTABLE dancing together WITHOUT having to worry about looking like a fool out there!


Who's This For?

This program is BOTH for beginner dancers with no previous dance experienceand for more intermediate dancers who already have a little dance experience, but want to learn MORE turns!

What Do We Get?

  • 3 hours of step by step, follow along video tutorials.
  • You will learn 14 dance moves that you whenever you're at a Latin party, you can dance with confidence.
  • Unlimited replays forever! That means NO expiration date.
  • Instant online access from any device: Smart TV, Phone, Computer.

How Do We Access The Videos?

Instantly once you purchase you will get sent an email with a private YouTube playlist.

You can easily access this playlist through any device (TV, laptop, phone), as long as it connects to the internet.

What's The Style Of Dance Included?

Bachata. Currently this is one of the most popular Latin styles. Easy for anyone to learn, and it's a romantic, fun and sexy dance!

If you want a program with ALL the Latin dance styles (salsa, merengue, bachata, cumbia) - Click Here 

How Long Do We Have Access For?

Once you purchase the program, it is yours.

That means that you'll be able to access it, and replay it as many times as you want with no time limit, and NO expiration date.

Is This Good For A Wedding Dance?

Yes! While you’re not going to learn a tailored choreography for your wedding dance, you will learn the foundations of dance, more than enough cool moves, and the principles of how to put them together so that at the end you’ll feel comfortable coming up with unique routine for your wedding dance.

What If My Partner Doesn't Dance?

We start off very slowly with the basics, so that beginners with no dance experience can easily follow along.

How Long Is The Program?

The program is 3 hours long in total. 

All the video explanations are short (between 3 - 8 minutes long) so that you can learn two or three moves per night.

There's a total of 14 dance moves included in the program.

Is There A Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes. If you're not fully satisfied with the program. Send us a text message or an email within 30 days, and we'll refund you all your money back.

How Can I Get In Touch With You?

If you have any additional questions you can always feel free to email us at latindancingonline@gmail.com or text us at (305) 834-7323.

PRICE: $100
One-time payment of $67
  • Lifetime Access
  • Unlimited Replays
  • NO Expiration Date
(Less than a dinner and a movie out)
30-Days Money Back Guarantee!
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