Things to do in Fort Lauderdale

Here is a breakdown of things to do around Fort Lauderdale that other websites won’t show. I have compiled here some of the best places around town, so that you can tour Fort Lauderdale like a local. All the reviews posted are coming from Yelp. Wether you’re looking for cheap activities to do around town; go for coffee;  check out some fort lauderdale night clubs;  or go to the beach, we hope you find here some tips that will help you find what to do in Fort Lauderdale.



Las Olas Beach: “I love las olas beach… one of my favorites.
Plenty of parking spots and quick access to the beach. No one like waiting or looking for parking and walking 20 minutes to the beach. So yay to awesome parking and few steps to the the beach.
I love how clean the beach is. No trash by the sea and so many restrooms near by.
Las olas beach center is great for family and friends. Arrive early it gets super packed. They also have many dining options and bars. Also don’t bring your puppy, they are not allowed.” – Review by Libna F.

Sunrise Boulevard beach: “I love Fort Lauderdale Beach because parking is relatively easy and the beach is clean. The sand is beautiful white sand that doesn’t have too many shells or seaweeds. You don’t see any garbage in the sand or water and you don’t see the no-class people that you see at some other beaches.
I like going out to the sandbar by Vistamar and just standing there in the ocean, feeling the sand under my feet, the gentle rocking of the waves, warm sun on my skin, letting my conscious thoughts dissipate like passing clouds, breathing the salt air and feeling connected to electric currents of life running through everything.  Some people regularly go to church, but for me, connecting with nature has always been my temple. Fort Lauderdale Beach is a peaceful place to disconnect and spend some time outdoors.” – Review by Ani L.



Galleria Mall: “I hadn’t been to the Fort Lauderdale Galleria in several years. What a difference! The mall is in great shape with tons of nice stores, plenty of parking, and loads of restaurants. It’s super clean and really a great place to shop.
The food court has been redone and it’s really nice with tons of choices. Seasons 52 and Capital Grill are really nice places to eat dinner. High end anchor stores make for a great experience on the retail side. Apple store and some other big name retail chains all throughout the mall. Got some last minute Christmas shopping done and it was a lot of fun to shop there. No need to go down to Miami if you just need something quick and easy.” – Review by Chris H.

Downtown Las Olas: “Been coming here for many years, probably since the late Nineteen-Nineties. I have had many romantic dinners, late night partying, and numerous meandering boulevard strolls while window shopping here. So yes I am a fan. There are many “anchor” business that have long track records here, and then there are the store front’s that have seen a lot of “business churn” throughout the years too. Las Olas should be on anybody’s radar when visiting downtown Ft Lauderdale. Oh and I love the watertaxi service that has a couple of stops up and down the Las Olas strip.” – Review by Joseph B.



Blue Martini: “Wow… came here on a Saturday night.  The place was packed and stayed packed.  Standing room only.
There was a band which played some great music.  Dance music.  And I swear they didn’t take a break.  But maybe it was all the bourbon I drank.
And the drinks are good and strong.  Had an old fashioned too, although they filled it with ice which was a tad bit strange.
Oh, and they serve food too.
The service is slow.  Snail slow.  But that is because how packed they were.  Still an addition of 2 or 3 more waiters/bartenders could have easily increased their profits.
So besides the $10 cover charge this place is a solid 3 stars.  Oh and for you singles out there,  this place is easy to add a plus one. While there I saw so many hook ups.” – Review by Kerrie B.

Latin Dance Movement: “This dance studio is amazing and the instructor Hervin is knowledgeable, professional, patient and very efficient. My husband and I attended a group class and in conjunction with learning the basic salsa steps for beginners, we had an amazing time. The instructor took his time with everyone in the class and treated everyone from the well seasoned dancers to the beginners with adequate attention. This class will not disappoint. I would highly recommend this class to anyone and I guarantee it will be a great experience.” -Review by Eva R.


The Revenant Coffee House & Eatery: “I measure by three different things in comparison to Taco Bell:
DECOR: Sitting on the border of Fort Lauderdale Suburbia and Fabulous Wilton Manors, The Revenant sits. The view both inside and out is beautiful. Inside you can relax and enjoy the modern steam punk log cabin-like atmosphere whilst sipping your coffee. Outside you can kick back, iced coffee in hand, and day dream while peering at a gorgeous lake view. From what I know there are no Taco Bells that compare to the wonderful decor that The Revenant has. Two stars for decor!
SERVICE: Service is pretty average from what you’d expect at any coffee house. It’s generally a quick wait for a cup of joe, delivered with a slight forced smile. Pretty much on par with Taco Bell. A star for service.
FOOD: The Revenant is mainly a coffee house (hence the name The Revenant Coffee House :P), so here the food is more an accessory to the coffee. I can’t say I have gotten the food here, but being that The Revenant is owned by the same people who own the Alchemist, I assume it’s very good. Being a gal who prefers her coffee cold, I frequently order the Spirit of the Revenant, a refreshing caffeine fueled concoction of cold brew with delicious earthy spices. I actually think I prefer this iced coffee over the Alchemist and you better bet that it’s better than Taco Bell’s coffee. Two stars for wonderful coffee!
FINAL VERDICT: Is Taco Bell Better? Not really.
The Revenant is your go to for an awesome coffee. Taco Bell is not.” – Review by Lauren B.

Warsaw Coffee Company: “I will recommend his place time and time again. Love the vibe. The employees are great! Very knowledgeable about their menu and their coffee. Everything is always done beautifully and always very fresh. They are so nice, so welcoming. The food is phenomenal! Great spot for vegans too (I am vegan) . I love the vegan options!! So impressed. Been three times and I will continue to bring friends and family!!” – Review by Sadie D.


In conclusion, I hope you enjoy your visit here in Fort Lauderdale. Come check out our salsa lessons while you are here!