What am I Going to Learn in the First 10 Lessons?

Learn to Salsa Dance in Miami

New students come to my class to try out salsa dancing. Not knowing what to expect they go through their first class. One group of people decides the class was fun, but this is something that is not for them. The other group decides they want to keep learning and study further.

So what is the progression at the beginning?

For men the first ten classes (if not the first 3 months) are probably the hardest. At the beginning men learn the basic step, how to lead the turns for the woman, and how to turn themselves. It takes a lot of patience, practice, and coordination to start to see progress.

In the first ten classes a man can expect to learn: the basic step; he will learn how to lead 2-5 moves depending on how much he practices; he will get an idea on how to count and understand the rhythm of the music; and he will learn 1-2 turns for himself.

For women the first ten classes are a little bit easier because she doesn’t have to remember as much as the man. In the first ten classes a woman can expect to learn: the basic step; different footwork for about 2-5 moves; how to listen to the music and understand the salsa rhythm; and she will learn how to let herself be led by the man.

For both men and women the beginning always feels foreign and a bit awkward. This is normal when learning something new for the first time. What is most important is to listen to the instructor, practice, relax and have fun!