What do you miss about the old salsa scene?

Willie Salsa Dancing!

Author: Willie Concepcion

I am from Staten Island, NY. I have been dancing salsa for 12 years and dance a little hip hop as well.

Being only 19, I started in the salsa scene when I was 7 years old. Something I truly miss about the older salsa scene is how everyone danced with soul. When a dancer heard the playing of the congas, when they heard the cowbell going, you see each and every dancer take that music and create their own flavor and moves for the music. It was like the music went through the persons body. It is definitely something that is easier seen than being said to. There was nothing better than seeing two great dancers dance with some sabor.

What makes a great dancer to me is someone who creates a style of dance of their own. To become a great dancer, you cannot go to your favorite dancer’s dance class and try to imitate the way they dance and dance exactly like them. To be a great dancer, you need to go to more than one dance class being taught by a different teacher each class. Pick out little things you like about how the teacher is dancing. Once you do that for each class, you will ultimately have a bunch of little things you like from each dancer and from their you put those things together and make it your own. That is what makes a great dancer….creating a style of dance that is yours. Feeling the music and expressing yourself the way YOU want to.