What Inspires you to Become a Better Dancer?

DJ Danny Spinning Vinyl

Author: Danny Diaz

I am from Huacho, Peru but have lived in the States most of my life. I started dancing in 1997, Cuban Salsa, then L.A. style and finally Salsa On2. When you fall in love with dance it never leaves you!

What inspires me to become a better dancer are the possibilities I can express myself in this dance. Becoming a better dancer opens doors for me to perform in front of others which is exciting. There is also so much amazing music out there, and to discover a way to feel free in the music means a lot to me.

I am fortunate enough to be inspired by others in this dance community who have really mastered their craft. In striving to become a better dancer, it gives me the opportunity to inspire others, which I find very important. To influence the next dancer, the next generation to keep this dance culture alive and thriving.