What made you Start Dancing Salsa?

Vivianne Performing

Author: Vivianne Medina

I am from La Ceiba, Honduras. I don’t have any other background from any other dance.

What made me start dancing?

I started dancing in birthday parties trying to win either a lollipop or some cash. As it was the norm whenever my cousins or friends birthday came along.

The “adults” or  more like my uncles and aunts, enjoyed the festivities drinking and always decided to start some kind of competition.

Then I discovered lambada and I could not help but move my hips to it. Once I got a bit more confident I started dancing Punta.

Which was originally a dance derived from the Africans usually performed at wakes (funerals). The Punta dance is similar to samba but we use our hips a lot more.

The sounds of the “tambor” are very familiar to my ear. I loved it.

I moved to Miami from Orlando in 2009 to finish my bachelors’ at FIU. I lived in the dorms in north miami beach. The school had a salsa club which caught my attention. My Colombian girlfriend and I decided to join and BOOM. Fell in love with SALSA. The instructor taught us casino. At the time, I had no clue of the different styles. We practiced for one hour every Thursday and after class went to the local bar, Paquitos, for karaoke. We chose to sing salsa songs to be able to practice to the music. Unfortunately the salsa club got cancelled as the instructor fell quite ill. I researched for salsa in the area and found Le Café. I danced with many different people every Wednesday night for one year that I picked up quite a lot. I was yet to understand the different styles. In 2011 I moved to New York and took classes at pearl dance studio. Still not really focused in becoming better just danced to relieve stress and work out. I danced in several different venues in New York city and made some friends. My boyfriend at the time got used to me taking Sundays off for salsa at “las chicas locas” LOL.

I came to Miami in 2012, and got a reality check that I did not know much of this dance which I adored so I took privates with Marisol Santiago who teaches guaganco. My coordination was good but she told me I was quite shy in the way I danced. I social danced at least three time a week until I joined my first salsa team, Latin dance movement. I guess you can say, Dancing has been one of the only things I haven’t got tired of. It makes me happy.