Why Dance Salsa? The Ultimate Goal

OSC Performance by LDM
LDM Performing at the Orlando Salsa Congress
Latin Dance Movement Performing at the Orlando Salsa Congress!

The ultimate goal is to be able to inspire everyone through our work to achieve something meaningful that touches other beings. The purpose is to understand that it is possible to follow your passion, achieve your dreams, and live a successful life. By working hard, pushing our limits every day and becoming the best human beings we can be at whatever it is that we do is how we achieve our potential. We have to constantly strive for higher, putting to practice everything we know!

One of the main reasons why I started is because I saw the potential in the dance for growth.  I was really excited to see that even though I at the time did not know anything, could become really good like the instructors who were teaching me.  I saw people that I thought were great and they had only been dancing a couple of months, it was exciting.  Class after class I would see the progress, and I would stay and hang out later and later at the dance studio, I was addicted.  Learning every step possible from my teachers, and trying to advance the dance levels (beginners I, Beginners II, Intermediate I and II), I was hungry for knowledge. Days went by, then weeks, months, and soon it was around nine months since the first time I took my first salsa lessons. I had learned at three different studios through a couple of teachers who taught me the basics. I am really grateful to have had great teachers who showed me the basics and gave me a strong foundation.

After nine months of taking classes at studios I stopped taking lessons. I did not stop because of anything negative, but because I felt that I had received all the knowledge I wanted to learn from my current teachers and it was time to expand and move forward. Every teacher has something new to offer, a new point of view, new steps, and new ways of explaining things. I felt like at nine months of taking lessons I had hit a plateau with my current teachers, so I needed a new way to keep on growing.

I was obsessed with watching videos in YouTube from dancers all over the world. I had found this one dancer who was really good, and he looked REALLY smooth in the dance floor. He is from another country, so I could not personally take lessons from him, but I watched ALL his videos. It wasn’t long before I had adopted my self a style similar to his. One day, watching a video of myself dance, I realized that I needed to move on because I was starting to look like a copy of this great dancer.  Being a smooth leader and having smooth turn patterns was not a problem anymore, so I needed to learn a new skill, I needed to learn how to dance by myself.

I started again in my search of videos, and stumbled upon another great dancer.  His style was very different, his moves were different, he possessed something that all of the other dancers I had seen, and all of the teachers I have had, didn’t have. At the moment I couldn’t comprehend what it was but I liked it! I was addicted to his videos. I started practicing to learn his moves, his footwork, his partner work, but it was REALLY HARD! Most of the moves this dancer was doing I was not able to imitate because the moves required precise skills, body control, speed, hand coordination and training I did not have. All of the sudden I DISCOVERED A NEW WORLD, there was more to it after all. I discovered that you could express yourself through the dance by having the right tools.