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Everything you need to know about BACHATA DANCING

Whether you’re a beginner with 3 left feet and completely new to Bachata Dancing, or you’re someone who already has some experience but you want to learn more, this hub will get you started on your Bachata Dancing journey and give you the right resources to take your dancing to the next level.


Build Your Confidence

Boost your self-confidence by learning something new and fun, that you can get good at with a little practice! Mastering a new skill, or just building up the courage to ask another person to dance, will give you that needed win to feel good about yourself.

Avoid Looking Like A Fool On The Dance Floor

While most people secretly desire to freely dance, their fear of looking silly in front of others gets in the way. Learning Bachata is easier than most Latin Dances, which means, you're bound to overcome your dance fear faster. 

Connect With Your Partner 

by Learning The Most Sensual Partner Dance 

Being one of the slower Latin Dance Styles, Bachata allows for any beginner to learn dancing faster. As one progresses, it allows dancers to express themselves with more passion and sensual movement.

A Beginner's Guide to Bachata

Just getting started? Here is a collection of information that every beginner needs to know when starting their dancing journey.

Bachata Tips & Tricks

There are no short-cuts to learning how to dance, but there are lots of Tips and tricks to turn you into a Bachata Dancer fast and with ease!

Bachata Dance Videos and Tutorials (Explained)

Check out our free resources to learn Bachata!


for Couples

Whether you're a complete beginner who gets lost during the Bachata turns and steps, OR you already know how to dance a little but want to learn more dance moves, you can now enjoy A Fun Date Night Learning How To Dance Together In The Comfort And Privacy Of Your Own Home, Even If You (Or Your Partner) Have 2 Left Feet...with this Bachata Dance Program for Couples...

By the end of the program, you will learn 14 FUN dance moves, and feel COMFORTABLE dancing together WITHOUT having to worry about looking like a fool out there!

About the Author

Hi...My name is Hervin Alvarez, and even though I am Latin, and come from a family that loves to dance...(my grandma, my aunt, my dad) ... I actually had two left feet and no rhythm.

I remember being at parties and family get-togethers, and while everyone was enjoying themselves out on the dance floor, smiling and laughing...My palms were sweaty, and the thought of stepping out on the dance floor making a fool of myself, continuously played in my mind...

I was really embarrassed about being Latin and not knowing how to dance, until one day when I finally decided to do something about it and go to my first dance class, and that’s where everything changed for me...

Not only did I learn to dance, and gained more confidence in myself...but fell in love with dancing such that I became a latin dance instructor...and that was almost 10 years ago.

Years later, I met my girlfriend on the dance floor at a salsa party and together, we opened a dance studio, and have taught thousands of people how to dance!

Dancing is the thing in our relationship that always brings us closer together, which is why we created this Bachata Dance Program!

We want to give couples a chance to experience the connection and the bond you feel when dancing together ...just like we do!