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How to dance salsa solo

And gain massive confidence in the dance floor!

"I had been going to salsa classes for more than a year, but it wasn't until I learn how to dance salsa by my self that I was able to finally feel completely comfortable and confident on the dance floor!" - Mario B.

  • 1
    Learn how to add flare and style in your dance! Salsa footwork (also known as salsa shines) will help you with your posture, and overall aesthetics of the dance.
  • 2
    Master your salsa footwork and improve coordination! Shines will help you become lighter and faster on your feet, and improve your agility. It will even help you become a smoother leader/follower!
  • 3
    Look like a pro on the dance floor! Shines are usually what separate the more experienced dancers from the beginners. If you can add some footwork to your dance, you will separate yourself from everyone else.
  • 4
    Take your dancing to the next level! Salsa shines can be really challenging. So if you're ready to progress quickly... learning to dance salsa solo is the way to do it!

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