Salsa Dancing Tips and Tricks - Latin Dance Movement

Do I Have to Move my Hips When Dancing Salsa?

A lot of students that come in to my classes often ask me, "Do I have to move my hips when I dance?" "How much do I have to move my hips when I dance?" "Do guys also have to move their hips when they dance?" It sounds funny every time I hear it, as if the hip movement police is going to come get you if you're not shaking it enough. It's really important to address this so that you don't look silly next time you’re out salsa dancing at the club with your friends.

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Salsa Clubs to go Social Dancing in Miami and Broward

Welcome to the Miami and Broward salsa dancing nightlife. Whether you’re new in town or here for vacations and are looking for a place to dance; you’re a salsa student and looking to see where to practice your new skills; or you are just someone that it’s looking to try something new and exciting here are some of the venues and days that you can find salsa dancing here in South Florida! Continue reading