Salsa Dancing Frequently asked questions before joining our studio

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What if I have two left feet?

We firmly believe that everyone is able to learn how to dance, and this has been proven time after time again. Rhythm is a skill you develop over time, not something you are necessarily born with (despite the myth). Our teaching methodology works on anyone regardless of your background, wether you grew up with latin music or if you’ve tried other dance schools that were not able to teach you. The most important thing is to have commitment and the willingness to learn…the rest just leave it up to us!

2. Do I need to bring a partner?

No you don’t. Most people who attend class come by themselves. You will rotate partners and get to dance with everyone, including the instructor.

3. Can I dance with my partner only?

Absolutely. If you bring a partner and would like to dance only with that person, you can let the instructor know before class.

4. What clothes and shoes do I wear?

Wear relaxed, comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely: shorts, jeans, t-shirts are all fine. Wear shoes that will not slip out of your feet, and do not have a sticky sole (tennis shoes and sneakers are fine). Avoid flip flops.

5. If I have some dance experience, at what level should I start?

We recommend everyone to start in our foundations class, even if they have had previous dance experience. The principles taught in the foundations class are used and built upon in the more advanced classes. Since teaching styles and methodologies are different in every dance academy, we encourage students to take at least one foundations class.

6. How long is it going to take me to learn?

To be truly comfortable leading/following, it takes approximately 20-40 group lessons, or 10-20 private lessons. Everyone’s progress depends on the amount of practice they put in.  If you’re a student that generally comes in once a week and doesn’t practice outside of the studio, it will take you a lot longer than someone who comes in 2-3 a week. As with learning any skill, keeping the momentum and consistency will yield faster results. For optimal learning, we recommend that you do a mixture of group and private lessons and join us on our ‘student outings’.

7. When are your student outings?

Our student outings usually happen every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month, where we meet out at a local salsa party. We also have spontaneous night outs as well, at any salsa venues. We communicate with the students through a group chat in WhatsApp, about the various salsa events we will be attending.

8. I can’t hear the beat. Am I hopeless?

No! This is actually a very common problem for beginner and some intermediate students. Learning to hear the beat, and maintaining rhythm is a skill that can be learned and practiced in order to be good at it. At first listening to salsa music might seem very complicated, and the music could sound like uninterpretable noise. With proper basic musical training, you will be able to distinguish the different instruments that compose salsa music, as well as maintain the rhythm of the music.

9. When can I start?

Every class we offer is different from the one before, so students are able to join and attend classes whenever they want, and however many times they would like.

10. Do I need to make an appointment?

Appointments are not necessary for group classes, only for private lessons. Just make sure to come in 10 minutes before class starts, when you attend a group class.

11. Are there any registration fees or contracts?

No, we do not have any registration fees or contracts. Whenever you start, the only costs you pay is per class or the class packages.

12. When I buy a package, do I have to attend every class?

No, you are welcome to attend classes as frequently as you would like. Keep in mind that our packages do expire within 6 months of purchase.

13. Hablan español?

Si, el instructor es Venezolano, y habla español perfecto.

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